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Physical custody simply refers to the parent with whom the child or the children reside

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From Our Blog

  • Employment laws can change but the central idea remains the same – to protect both the employer and the employee. Though various countries have varying laws regarding the conduct of the business, the transformation and transition it has gone through have made it more friendly and strict. The popularly held belief is that the employer is entitled to anything but the law doesn’t say so. The importance of an active and modern employment law ensures that the business runs smoothly.

    New Job:

    Getting a new job is hard and so is referencing. Even though you secure a new job, you still hang by the thread. Your previous employer is allowed to badmouth you but isn’t allowed to falsify your records to affect your reputation.


    Employees are supposed to be paid on the exact date but sometimes, they get paid late. However, this might come as a surprise by the law they are entitled to “ wait time penalties” only in cases of termination where they have to give a notice of 72 hours and they are to be paid on the last date. Vacation pay

    Vacation pay:

    Vacations are fun. Who wouldn’t want to go roam the beaches, surf or take a day-off from the bustling life? Employees are entitled to vacation and in case they quit they are entitled to their unused vacation payment.


    Mistakes can happen and it’s part of learning. The secure fact about the employment law is that your employer is not authorized to trim your salary just because you made an honest mistake.


    In some countries, the concept of a minimum wage can be a little varying but it does exist in every country. You are entitled to a minimum wage according to the law.

    Paid holiday:

    All the employees are entitled to a paid holiday and just in case you didn’t use it, you are to receive your unused vacation when you quit the job.


    The safety of the employees is one of the priorities of a company. It’s illegal to operate a business in hazardous conditions. The employer is responsible for the safety of its all employees.

    Minimum work:

    All workers are entitled to work 48 hours a week with a day-off but the younger employees are to have 40 hours of the work period and they can’t extend it.

    Unsafe work:

    The employment law protects you from working in a hazardous situation. You can refuse to do any work that may jeopardize your health or physical safety.

    Medical leave:

    Medical emergencies don’t come knocking. The law states that you are entitled to an unpaid 12 weeks leave of medical emergency and your employer must reinstate you when you return. Pregnant


    A pregnant employee is entitled to paid time off for ante-natal care, with the right to return to work and to be reinstated.

    Rules and regulations:

    All employers are required to avail their employees a thorough list of their rules and regulations. They are to also aware of the employees about their rights.


    The employment laws came into existence, not just to protect the employee but also the employer. Flawed policies can never run a business smoothly and its cogs need to be there for the machine to work. Employer and the employee are the fuel that keeps the vehicle running and the employment law ensures that there may arise no conflict between the two. There are certainly different and varying interpretations of the law in different countries but one thing is certain that the law is not to be fooled with.

  • Concepts come into play as nations and organizations seek to decide who is a refugee, and who is not. Asylum seekers that is, those demanding refugee status in another country — generally need to prove individually that their fear of discrimination is well-founded and undertake a legal process whereby the host nation determines whether or not to apply for refugee status. In a mass evacuation, however, a receiving country cannot be able to conduct individual screening.


    Upon entry, during the asylum process or while waiting for expulsion (refoulement), some countries detain asylum seekers. Asylum seekers in the country from which they flee may have already endured incarceration and torture. Hence, the effects of detention may be particularly severe, causing serious emotional and psychological stress. Article 31 of the Refugee Convention states that refugees should not be penalized for unlawfully entering a country if they have come directly from a location in which they are in danger and have been made clear to the authorities. International Laws

    Articles 12 - 30 of the Refugee Convention:

    After being identified as refugees, the person is entitled to the rights set out by Articles 12-30 Refugee Convention. Therefore, all refugees are issued identity documents and travel documents. Refugees must be treated in the same way as citizens of the receiving country with regard to the free practice of faith, access to judiciary, basic education, public support, social security, protection of intellectual property, align with labor unions, to identify with non-political and Non-profits and jobs.


    The international law ensures that refugees are treated fairly by the host countries and almost every country is a signatory to the articles. Their right of possession must be protected, the right to take a career encouraged, the right to wok and higher education. However, there has been some breach of the treaty by certain countries, but those were just isolated instances and most of the countries abide by the law. As far as the protection of intellectual property is concerned, the law applies to the protection of the items of literary value, intellectual property, and scientific value.


    Certain Human rights watchdogs like Amnesty International and UNHRC work on educating the masses about the Human right of refugees. Their work on the ground can never be overlooked especially the fact that they face grave danger to their lives to keep working on the ground. Apart from this, they work closely with other small and big Non-profits to provide relief and support the families of refugees. Signatories


    The countries that are signatories to the Refugee law are to follow the law in letter and spirit. The protection of the life and rights of a refugee is paramount. The world is witnessing a huge influx of refugees fleeing from war zones and has impacted the judiciary a lot. Where right-wing politicians are trying to pin for an exclusive world, the refugee and Human rights organizations are working hard to make the world inclusive.


    Infringements of human rights are a major factor in forcing refugees to flee as well as an obstacle to their free and voluntary return home. Therefore, the protection of human rights in countries of origin is vital for both the prevention and the solution of refugee problems. Respect for the law is also important for the security of refugees in asylum countries. Under these situations, particularly when civilians are escaping for similar reasons, in the aftermath of evidence to the contrary, a 'community' determination of refugee status can be made, whereby every civilian is deemed a refugee.